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Thoughts On Choosing A Business Name

For those of you looking to start a company, I’d like to share some advice that I missed and/or ignored early in my life. It’s this… when you name your company, make it as GENERIC as possible. Follow me on this…


My business naming mistake…


In short, I made the mistake early in my business of naming my company with a part of my name. This was around 1997. It started out because I was consulting, and there was nothing else for me to consider. I mean… it was just ME… doing technical consulting/programming. It was never going to be anyone else, but me, so no big deal. The internet was still relatively new. I wasn’t looking to build a “company”.


Fast forward 3 years or so, and I had had some small internet success consulting and training on a niche software product. Within that niche industry, I started selling software add-ons. This was the beginning of a 20 year company naming fiasco.


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